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Weight Watchers Success Tips

The success or failure of a weight watcher would greatly depend upon the person who embarks on the journey to being in tip-top shape.

Just like everything important in our lives, being in good physical condition requires motivation and dedication. Being a weight watcher is centered on points and tracking and calculating. But there are also other factors involved that will make it easier for us to reach our goals. When using the weight watchers calculator, here are 10 handy tips to make the road to weight loss much easier:

1. Keep on Counting. Keep a close track of your points. If there's food that you really can't resist, then by all means, take it. But before doing so, find out the number of points the food has.

NOTE: The full patent document on Weight Watchers Weight Control Process is available from the U.S. Patent Office website with patent number 6040531.

2. Make a note of what you eat. And no, not a mental note. Write it down, key it in, or record it to your answering machine - whatever works for you. Since you can't calculate your points everywhere you go, small notes are the way to go if you want to own up to what you eat.

3. Get a food scale. You can get the weight watchers calculator scale, if you want to. It weighs anything in grams and ounces and allows you to see for yourself what 5 grams of tuna looks like.

4. Measure, measure, measure. Once you have your scale, measure everything you want to eat. Brown sugar, butter, rice, cereal, everything! It may sound over the top, but measuring things at home will give you so much enlightenment at how much food you're eating when you do eat out. And it pays in the long run.

5. Indulge a little. Depriving yourself of the really good stuff could be bound to make you bitter. Share one serving of chocolate cake with a friend or savor two pieces of fruit drenched in the chocolate fountain. Make sure to chew slowly and take in all the flavors. This will make satisfaction set in without eating the whole lot.

6. Avoid guess work - calculate. Making informed decisions will help you avoid depravity and over-indulgence. So never be satisfied with guessing how many points a food item has. If you're not sure, don't eat it.

7. Get physical. Work out a sweat, exercise. Just because you have a weight watchers calculator you religiously use every time you smell something mouth-watering, doesn't mean it's ok to sit on your butt for the rest of your life. Plus, by having a good exercise regimen, you can indulge more if you want to.

8. Talk to a Friend. It helps if you have somebody else to give you an encouraging hug in times of set back or pats you on the back if you've attained a goal. It helps to talk to somebody about your experiences as a weight watcher since there can be frustrations, self-pity, or happiness involved. These feelings are not meant to be kept inside.

9. Take a look before buying. Read food labels at the supermarket before carting them off. There are some seemingly healthy food that are high on sugar, trans-fat, MSG, or sodium. If you're always in doubt, you can also bring your points finder so you don't fall for a food item high in fat content.

10. Commit to your goals. It's ok to get frustrated once in a while and vent it out on a trip to Burger King or a pint of ice-cream. But don't make feelings of deprivation an excuse to lose your goals. Remember, if it's important, then it entails some sacrifices. Being in good shape is like having a job or buying a house. It takes dedication and hard work but with satisfying end-results.

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