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Calories in fruits Abiyuch Acerola Apples Apricots Avocados Bananas Blackberries Blueberries
Tangerines Carambola Carissa Cherimoya Cherries Cranberries Dates Durian
Feijoa Figs Gooseberries Grapefruits Grapes Guavas Jackfruit Java-plum Kiwi Fruit
Lemons Limes Mangos Melons Mulberries Nectarines Oheloberries Papayas Tamarinds
Pears Pineapple Plantains Plums Pummelo Quinces Raisins Raspberries Rhubarb

Calories in vegetables Lima Beans Arugula Lettuce Asparagus Bamboo Shoots Sweet Potato Broccoli Brussels Sprouts
Carrot Celery Corn Cress Cucumber Eggplant Garlic Ginger
Balsam-pear Artichokes Mushrooms Nopales Okra Onions Parsley Parsnips Peppers
Pumpkin Radishes Shallots Soybeans Spinach Squash Beets Tomatoes Turnips

Calories in dairy and egg products Cottage Cheese (2%) Blue Cheese Brie Cheese Feta Cheese Camembert Cheese Cheddar Cheese Chocolate Milk Coffee Cream
Edam Cheese Egg omelet Eggnog Butter Fried Egg Goat Milk Gouda Cheese Human Milk
Low Fat Yogurt Mozzarella Cheese Parmesan Cheese Plain Yogurt Provolone Cheese Scrambled Egg Sheep Milk Skim Milk Sour Cream

Calories in beverages Arizona Iced Tea Bottled Water Chocolate Shake Strawberry Shake Coca-Cola Dessert Wine Tropicana Twister Gin 90 Proof
Orange Juice Drink Cocoa Coffee Gatorade Cola Ginger Ale Grape Soda Sake
No-alcohol Wine Daiquiri Pina Colada Regular Beer Powerade Red Bull Tonic Water Powder Lemonade Vodka 80 Proof
Snapple Lipton Brisk Iced Tea Light Beer Tap Water Tea Red Wine Punch Drink Root Beer White Wine

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