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Monounsaturated fatty acids

Monounsaturated fatty acids contain one double bond along the chain. The term "unsaturated" indicates that fewer than the maximum possible number of hydrogen atoms are bonded to each carbon in the molecule. The number of double bonds is indicated by the generic name - monounsaturated for molecules with one double bond or polyunsaturated for molecules with more than one double bond. Monounsaturated fatty acid can be converted to the corresponding saturated acid by a procedure called catalytic hydrogenation.

Scientists believe that increased consumption of monounsaturated fats, for example eating more nuts, is beneficial in lowering LDL cholesterol and lowering the risk of coronary heart disease, especially if monounsaturated fats are used to substitute for saturated fats and refined sugars.

Examples of foods high in monounsaturated fat include avocados, nuts, and olive, peanut and canola oils.

IUPAC nameCommon nameChemical structureAbbr.
Tetradecenoic acidMyristoleic acidC14H26O2C14:1
Pentadecenoic acidN/AC15H28O2C15:1
Hexadecenoic acidPalmitoleic acidC16H30O2C16:1
Heptadecenoic acidN/AC17H32O2C17:1
Octadecenoic acidOleic acidC18H34O2C18:1
Eicosenoic acidGadoleic acidC20H38O2C20:1
Docosenoic acidErucic acidC22H42O2C22:1
Cis-Tetracosenoic acidNervonic acidC24H46O2C24:1 cis


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