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Octadecenoic acid/Oleic acid

Oleic acid (IUPAC name Octadecenoic acid) is a monounsaturated Ω-9 fatty acid with the molecular formula C18H34O2.

The saturated form of this acid is stearic acid.

Oleic acid makes up 55-80% of olive oil, though there may be only 0.5-2.5% or so as actual free acid, and 15-20% of grape seed oil and Sea buckthorn oil.

Reduction of oleic acid at the carboxyl end yields oleyl alcohol.

Oleic acid is emitted by the decaying corpses of a number of insects, including bees and Pogonomyrmex ants and triggers the instincts of living workers to remove the dead bodies from the hive. If a live bee or ant is daubed with oleic acid, it is dragged off as if it were dead.


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